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NCA Traditional Camp

This camp curriculum is based on core principles that ensure cheerleaders learn proper safety technique and develop a strong foundation. The program includes instructional classes in stunts, pyramids, cheers & chants, jumps, dance and basket building. One-on-one time is set aside each day so your NCA Buddy Instructor can help you with whatever you choose...evaluation material, stunts, cheers, dances, or material from home! Whether at novice, intermediate or
advanced level, the program will be personalized to fit YOUR needs!

NCA Performance Camp


This camp focuses on the performance aspect of cheerleading. Your team will
work one-on-one with an NCA Instructor to create a unique routine that includes
stunts, tumbling, jumps, and dance to the "Jam", an exclusive track on the NCA
Summer Camp CD, then performing it for evaluation. Teams will also enjoy
NCA's creative Cheer & Chant curriculum. Although your NCA Buddy Instructor
will work with your team at their level, this camp is more appropriate for those
teams with strong basic skills.

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